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Back from the Beach (classe 207)


On Friday 15th of April 2016, we went to the beach to explore the ocean. When we arrived a woman greeted us . She explained the importance of corals in the sea. We went swimming with Julie , a lady who work for an environmental protection company. I really loved this day because the life inside the water is very impressive and very beautiful ! I thank miss David to have organized this day.


My class 207 and I went on a trip with our head teacher Mrs.David and two other teachers. We went to the Hermitage Beach and I had the opportunity to discover beautiful things I did not know before. All my class and I were satisfied with our day. Without Mrs.David I would not have known new things like Coral reefs, Sands, of wonderful island. Respect this beautiful place and learn to discover it.


Friday, April 15th,

During this day at the beach we swam in the lagoon of the Ermitage with fins, mask and snorkel to observe the different fish and corals with Julie who works at marine reserve. We have had the opportunity to touch a sea cucumber, it is a black and soft animal with suckers. It is these animals who clean the sand, to defend itself he produces a white and very sticky thread. We learned that corals are the skeletons of polyps and they are forming the sands afterwards. Sitting, kneeling or standing on corals is bad for the corals and animals who live in corals. Our activities destroy corals. When we go to sea we must be very careful where we put our feet because we can walk on an animal or coral. At the end of the day we could have fun in the sea before leaving. This day was very wonderful because we had fun together and at the same time we learned several things but in a different way.

Chloé C.

Last Friday all the class of 207 and Mrs David our main professor with Mrs Lantin our professor of English went to the beach of the Hhermitage to discover the reserve. There were 2 leaders, who taught us more about the marine biodiversity, after that we were divided into groups to discover the marine path. While some traveled on the path, other learnt more on the marine reserve, and Guillaume taught us that there was 14 people working for the marine reserve but that only 4 or 5 were on grounds to protect it. Finally having finished all it, all the class left eating, and have to continue has to answer the questions that Mrs David gave us. At about 3:00 pm we began to tidy up our gear, and returned back to school, everyone was smiling and satisfied.


Last Friday,I loved many things,for example, during the travel in the bus because we were impatient to go to the sea.To spend time I talked with Maxime about motorbike. When we arrived,it was very hot even the sand. Fabien was listening to music on his phone and the sky was blue, it was so good. I was in the first group,I liked it because the sea is quite warm and it was less sunny so no sunburn for me. I learnt that corals are animals!!!and so it is necessary to protect them. The fish were so beautiful and the black fish wanted to attack us, it was so funny At noon, we sat on a bench to eat at the bar in front of us; it was very expensive but so good. To finish, I liked this day because I was spend time with my friends.


On the 15th April 2016, the 207 class went to the beach, it was an anmazing day because we are all together and a very great teacher of English accompagnied us. When we arived there we were accompanied by one of people of the marine reserved.The woman was called Julie and she explained to us a lot of thing about the sea, in particular about the protection of coral; the man talked about the protection of the lagoon by the marine reserve, with all of these explications we could (normally) answer Mrs David's exercices but personally I found it quite difficult. Further to this complicated work we left to swim in the sea, at the beginning I was afraid because the sea is not an environment which I like but with the encouragements of others I went there and it was really brilliant until my meeting with a sea cucumber. This thing was sticky, very soft, hairy. After this misadventure we finished this little expedition we went to eat and discuss with our friends. After eating we were again in the sea to have fun this time. This day will be remembered for my whole life.


Today I write to you to speak about Friday 15th of April 2016

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for your presence, let be a real moment of pleasure with all the class.

We learnt many things of the marine environment. They will be remembered has the future.

Julie was here to guide us and she reminded us of the importance not to collect the corals.

Today I think I can do something and share what I learnt with my friends and family.


On Friday , April 15th , I left at an exit in l'Ermitage which to last one day and I very well had fun with the class but I learned many things as : "What is a coral" but also the link which they have with the beach , the biodiversity thanks to the people of Marine Reserve . We were able to have a practice of the snorkeling by means of an instructor where there I was able to discover of different sorts of corals and fishes . I thank Ms.David and to the people who guided us throughout this visit of the Marine Reserve.


On Friday April 15th, my class and I went to the beach to observe L'Ermitage's lagoon and all that it contains.

During the day, I learned that people who take care of the lagoon are about fourteen which is very little.

The structures (bars, restaurants)that are near the beach disturb the serenity and the environment of the beach and the beach keeps being reduced each year.

The sea cucumbers in the water are not dangerous and they also clear the sand.

To protect the lagoon, we must not throw our wastes in the water or kill the animals in it.


One Day to the beach,

This Day at lagoon was a good day we learnt a lot of things about lagoon protection, about what we can and what we can't do, and about people in the class. We learnt that we need to be careful about corals in the lagoon because they are a natural habitat for the biodiversity. I discovered the erosion of the beach because the human constructions reduce the room allotted to waves. Now I have already talked about environment, but I learnt a lot about the class, it's a funny class we laughed a lot and that a good thing and we can play and talk together, it's pretty cool. So in conclusion that was a good day.


On Friday, April 15th, 2016 we left to the beach of the hermitage with our professors. During this day we made plunge her with a lady, Julie. She has us to assist, we learnt wonderful things by report has our lagoon, we have to observe the marine wildlife, and different species I even touched a holothurie (“sea strand'). In the Reunion Island there are more than 180 coral species, it is moreover necessary to protect them not to see them disappearing for generation future.

It was a fine day.


Friday, April 15, the class 207 went out to the beach with three teachers. We were welcomed by the Reserve Marine animators. We did two different activities, the first was the visit of a marine trail with instructor , we stopped several times to observe fish and corals; we even touched Sea cucumbers. Before, I didn’t dare going near them because I found them quite disgusting, but now I know it is soft to the touch .Then we went and listened to a man who explained the regulations of the lagoon and we could observe the sand under a microscope and I learned that the sand was formed from crushed coral. And my favorite moment was when we visited the trail .

It's was a great day ! I will go back there with pleasure !


Last Friday we went with the whole class 207 to St Gilles to the Lagoon for a field trip.
We left on the bus at  7:30am. Mrs David, our Geography-History teacher and Mrs Lantin our English teacher accompanied us during the day. When we arrived, we met some guards of the marine sanctuary. The class was divided into 3 groups. The first group swam into the water with a woman of the marine sanctuary for an underwater course with masks and snorkels. The second group stayed on the beach with other guards of the marine sanctuary, he spoke of his job. The last group made a work that Mrs David gave us. When the 3 groups were done with all activities, we had lunch together.
It was a great day with exceptional people.


I love the ocean, I want to know things about it but it scares me, we only know 25% of the seabed. This day out made me feel good, being out in the nature made me feel good. When I am under water I usually feel scared, but this day I wasn’t afraid, I don’t know why, maybe I won’t be afraid of the sea now. When the woman (this name is Julie, I believe) spoke about the consequences of pollution of ocean and the warming of water, I felt guilty, it is our mistakes, our stupidity that endanger little animals, like the corals, it’s just disgusting.
Well, I learned a lot of thing about the coral and the inhabitants of the water. If I told you everything I learned, it would take days and days, but
I would like to say something that made me laugh, this thing destroyed my childhood. I learned that the clown fish changes sex when their partner die. It means that Nemo is a big lie !!! The dad of Nemo should be a female after the death of coral (Nemo’s mom). Oh my god ! I would like to say a big “thank you” at the marine reserve to try to keep the lagoon in health.


Written by Jade Palmieri, Terminale L.

 "Sand. I remember sand and a very dry weather. I was exhausted, but I had to keep climbing that dune. My breath came in short pants and I had to stop every step to regain strenght. I felt dizzy, and for a moment, I really thought I was going to pass out. But as I arrived closer to the top of the dune, I saw my brother and my sister waiting for me, already admiring the breathtaking view that was before them. 
They gave me enough courage to carry on, and when I finally joined them, I saw it to: the sand was overwhelmed by the sea that was at the bottom of the pile. The beautiful blue was mingling with the golden sand, the contrast between the two almost unreal. Behind us was another and completely different landscape: trees were hiding the path from where we came, and we could only see a green forrest circling us, as if to prevent the sand from escaping. The wind was blowing gently above our heads, and then I felt relief. I finally did it! I was out of breath, I had no stamina left, but I did it!
Accomplishment filled me as I began to feel better. I did not think I could be happier this day, but my big brother had a surprise. He pulled out of his bag a blue kite. It was the first time I ever tried to make one fly, and my first try was miserable. But between laughs and techniques my brother taught me, the kite was finally soaring through the sky, dark blue against the cloudless sky, flying by the whims of the wind. 
It was a splendid sight to behold but alas, also a fleeting one, since I couldn't keep it high for a long time. Children were looking at it with curiosity and amusement, while I tried the best I could to control the flying object, despite rhe wind's best effort to make it fall. 
In this moment, I truly felt free. There were just me, my family, and this blue kite; the wind the only impediment, and the sky the only frontier. This moment shall always linger in my memory and I'll remember it fondly."

Written by Juliette Palmieri, Terminale L

"It was the 14th of July, and the world around me was nothing but happiness: on every lips, a smile. In every beating heart, a song. People were cheering and dancing until the crack of dawn, as if the night would never end. Families and friends united, enjoying the cheerful gathering of this day. I always loved this kind of celebration: watching the dozens of lanterns flying above our heads, like stars dancing through the pitch black sky; listening to the loud music ringing in my ears and piercing through my heart while I glanced at people having fun. It never failed to make me happy. But the fireworks. Oh god, the fireworks were the best part of everything. Suddenly the world fell silent and the darkness seemed to swallow us all but then... Bright colors bursting above the lake, in loud explosions that set the night on fire. It brought glimmers in my eyes and sent shivers to my spine, and I could all but stare, amazed by the marvelous beauty of this show.

Yet my most cherished memory of this night was way more silent, in an isolated area with both of my cousins and my sister. The cool air of summer night was increasing the peaceful atmosphere the place created. In the hand of my older cousin, a red cone. He told us to retreat slightly as he put it on the ground and lighted the fuse.

What happened next is something I will never forget.

Suddenly, red and yellow sparkles erupted from the cone, as if it was a tiny volcano spreading its lava towards the sky. It was truly a wonder how such a small cone could hold such big fireworks. The burst of light in front of us was powerful and as impressive as the great show that happened a few minutes ago. But there was something more. It was smaller, no doubt in that. But... it was also closer to us, more intimate. Just the four of us, witnesses of a private show of fireworks hidden from the world. But the beauty of it... there are no words. I could not speak. I could not move. My mind was only focused on this surge of golden fire, growing as wide as my smile."